Approximate delivery time

Your card will be printed, stamped and sent with the Deutsche Post AG within 24 hours (except on weekends and public holidays).
The delivery times listed below refer to the date of shipment and are approximate. Please note that holidays can delay delivery times.

Germany: approx. 2-3 working days
Austria: approx. 2-3 working days
Switzerland: approx. 2-3 working days
Europe: approx. 3-5 working days

USA: approx. 3-5 working days
Canada: approx. 3-5 working days

Australia: approx. 6-10 working days
Asia: approx. 6-10 working days
Other countries: approx. 6-12 working days

Card not arrived?

For this we would ask you to use our complaint function. To do this, click on the Orders tab in your Archive and then on the card to be claimed. A window is opening. There please click on Complaint. If there are several recipients, please give us the name of the recipient where the card did not arrive.
Alternatively, you can simply send us a support e-mail (support@ipostcard.org) stating the order number stored in the archive (green number).
Possible causes for a not arriving card can be:
1) Address is incorrect.
2) Problems in the mail center
3) Human error (postman)
4) Accidentally disposed of at the recipient (postcard is overlooked in promotional material)

Is it possible to track my cards?

Unfortunately, no. As with your private postcards and letters, we have no way to track the shipment. Postal authorities do not provide this option.


Postcard (iPostcard): 2,49 £

Postcard+ (iPostcard+): 2,99 £

Cryptcard (iCryptcard): 2,49 £

Videocard (iVideocard): 2,49 £

Greetingcard (iGreetcard): 3,79 £

Crypt-Greetingcard (iCrypt-Greetcard): 3,79 £

Video-Greetingcard (iVideo-Greetcard): 3,79 £

XXL Postcard (iXXL-Postcard): 5,99 £

XXL Cryptcard (iXXL-Cryptcard): 5,99 £

XXL Videocard (iXXL video card): 5,99 £

XXL Greetingcard (iXXL-Greetcard): 8,49 £

XXL Crypt-Greetingcard (iXXL-Crypt-Greetcard): 8,49 £

XXL Video-Greetingcard (iXXL Video Greetcard): 8,49 £

The listed prices are standard prices. If necessary, we will adjust them temporarily or provide discount codes.


Our products are printed on 300 g / m² postcard cardboard and then provided with a foil, so that the receiver will enjoy it for a long time.

The greeting cards are sent with an envelope. The XXL postcards are shipped in a transparent film envelope to better protect against moisture.

Our products have photo quality as long as the image transferred to us is of sufficient quality (resolution).

Read cards

A special QR code scanner is integrated into the application, allowing the recipient to read messages and play your videos.

Password forgotten / lost

Unfortunately, we can not help in this case. We generally do not store passwords of our customers. Also we are not able to decrypt the iCryptcard or iCrypt-Greetcard.

The password can be requested from the sender. It is stored locally in his archive and can be sent again by SMS, WhatsApp or e-mail.


Our products iCryptcard and iCrypt-Greetcard use the symmetric encryption method AES with a key strength of 256 bits. Thus, the messages without password can not be read. Also we can not read the cards!


Video & YouTube

With the iVideocard or iVideo-Greetcard you can record your own videos (30 sec.) or integrate any YouTube video. The recipient can then play the video using the iPostcard app.


Payment methods

  • PayPal
  • Direct Debit (PayPal)
  • Credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, Amercian Express, Diner’s Club, JCB, Maestro, UnionPay)